In today’s crowded, cluttered online space , it’s becoming increasingly important to stand out as a musician through creative work. Professional headshots, catering to your musical style and taste, and candid, lifestyle photography can help build your personal brand and fuel your social media channels with engaging content. Professional videos – either full-length music videos, or Instagram-friendly snippets – can help take your career to the next level.


Video Shooting

Includes usage of two professional-quality cameras for music videos, video blogs, and promotional videos.


Let us take control of the footage and make your music video come to life through professional edits in our post-production process.

Photo Shooting

Headshots and lifestyle shots off-site will help build and create a professional look for your musical image.

Photo Editing

Includes touch-up, editing, and finalizing for your social media accounts, websites, and electronic press kits.

Sample Work



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