Multi-Instrumentalist Jackalico Releases Sophomore EP

Local experimental indie artist Jackalico, also known as Spencer Colucy, has released his sophomore EP titled “Bizarre Shapes” today. This is a follow-up to his debut EP “Vermont,” released in 2016.

The Holland Patent, NY native began working on his latest album in April and completed the work in late July. “Bizarre Shapes” focuses heavily on relationships, both romantic and platonic. It features modern indie sounds fused with electronic, acoustic and New Wave influences

“The songs primarily deal with how we interact with one another,” Jackalico said. “How we interact with lovers, friends – both old and new – co-workers, even strangers. It also addresses the relationships we have with ourselves, how we love and treat ourselves, and how we are all searching for the truth – in some way. There’s a central theme that runs throughout the album about brutal honesty and how we as humans struggle with it, despite it being such a simple concept.”

Jackalico wrote all the music and lyrics, and fully mixed the 6-song album himself. He began playing bass guitar at age 17 and soon after began singing. After two years of honing those skills, he began to concentrate on writing, composing and recording his own material. “Bizarre Shapes” showcases a more mature sound, with an improved skillset across all instruments, compared to his first release.

”I love traveling and performing my music for those who are intrigued by this trending style,” Jackalico continued. “I have incredible passion for my music and I hope listeners are able to grasp that when they tune in. This is a creative outlet for me and I’d like others to relate to these commonly shared topics when they hear the music and listen to my stories.”

Jackalico has plans to promote the new album throughout the fall. To stream “Bizarre Shapes” for free, visit

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